January 19-25, 2025



per person

A Cultural, Culinary, & Exploration Experience!

A Relaxed Cycling Tour of the Riviera Maya


Explore hidden cenotes, a unique geographical phenomenon. Tour Colonial Mexican cities and coastal islands. Taste locally-sourced tequila and learn to make tortillas. Together, we'll take in all the beautiful Riviera Maya has to offer.


Each night we stay in hotels along the way and we transport your bike from place to place.  We spend 2 nights in each hotel for 6 days and 7 nights total.


This trip is suitable for all levels of cyclists. Each day we ride anywhere from 10 - 30 miles in addition to having  cultural and culinary experiences. Non-riders are also welcomed.

Authentic Mayan Cooking Class in the Jungle
Authentic Mayan Cooking Class in the Jungle
Cool-Off in a Hidden Cenote
Cool-Off in a Hidden Cenote
Amazingly Memorable Accommodations
Amazingly Memorable Accommodations




Today you'll be arriving in Cancun via Cancun International Airport. We'll pick you up from the airport and bring you to the first hotel. Check-in is at 4:00 pm but if you arrive earlier you can enjoy the resort, pool, beach, and the front desk will hold your bags. Here you can get acclimated and settled. We'll have an orientation and go over the week and you can meet your new friends on the tour as well as your guides.

Marriot Cancun



10 Mile ride around an island visiting an ecological park, Mayan ruins, and a beautiful beach

Isla Mujeres

Today we'll awake and head straight for Isla Mujeres. Located 13 kilometers off the coast from Cancún. It's a vacation destination known for stunning beaches, snorkeling,  surrounding coral reefs, and Mayan Ruins. We'll board our ferry and meet our guides on the island with our bikes. From there we'll have a 10-mile ride circumnavigating the island. Halfway we'll stop at Punta Sur, the southern tip. There's a lighthouse, the remains of a Mayan temple, and the most stunning views on the island.  We'll learn about the ruins, hike around a bit, and explore. Continuing on our ride we'll come to Playa Norte. You can enjoy the beach and lunch or a drink at Guru Beach club. After relaxing for a bit we'll board the ferry and head back to the hotel.



25 Mile ride with a cooking class and swimming in two cenotes


In the morning we'll board the shuttles and head to Cenote Secreto Maya. When we arrive we'll be greeted by local Maya people. They will have a cooking class and show us how to make our own tortillas and Pi'bil. We'll cook the Pi'bil we make in the earth, the traditional way, for over an hour. While the food is cooking you can enjoy the beautiful Cenote and grounds. When the food is ready we'll enjoy our own creations for lunch. After lunch, we'll bike a few short miles to another Cenote to cool off and enjoy. After the cool waters of the underground river have lowered our temperatures enough, we'll bike into the city of Valladolid, where we'll check into our hotel.



Guided tour of an archaeological complex, 27 mile ride, lunch at a cenote, dinner at a traditional Mayan restaurant


Exploring the ancient ruins of Chichén-Itzá leaves one in amazement of what the Maya People were able to accomplish long before modern machinery, governments, or scientific discoveries. We'll awake in the morning and take the vans to Chichén-Itzá and explore the ruins with a local guide. From there we'll ride our bikes back to Valladolid visiting some small towns along the way, including a stop at a Cenote for lunch. For dinner, we'll dine at IX CAT IK on traditional Mayan Cuisine.


Valladolid City

A four mile city tour visiting town square, honey farm, and Convent


Exploring the City of Valladolid will give us a unique view of Mexican culture and history.  We'll take a bicycle tour of the city. Along the way we'll stop at the iconic colonial town square, a honey farm and see some unique bees, and stop at the local Convent. After the city tour, we will check out of our hotel and transfer via van to the beach in Puerto Morelos!


Puerto Morelos

Short city tour, free time, and a group dinner


In the morning we will explore the beautiful city of Puerto Morelos by bicycle. It is a small port town with a great mix of tourist-related activities and local culture alike. There is a market where you can get local gifts, a plethora of great restaurants, and the second-largest barrier reef in the world. A majority of the day will be free for you to choose what you would like to do best, snorkel, bike, shop, or just enjoy the beach or the pool.  To cap off the evening we'll have a Group Dinner on the Beach to top it all off. 


Departure Day

Today is the last day to soak in the beauty of Mexico and check any last-minute things off your "to experience list".  We'll shuttle you back to Cancun International Airport so you can make the safe journey home.



Isla Mujeres | Valladolid | Puerto Morelos | Cancún

All hotels for six nights are included. Two nights in Cancun, two nights in Valladolid, and two nights in Puerto Morelos. 

Transportation to and from the Airport. Ground transportation to and from the hotels, activities, etc are included. Ferry transportation to and from Isla Mujeres is included.

Flights are not included.

Meals that are included:

  • Breakfast each Morning
  • Lunch Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Dinner on Wednesday
  • Dinner on Friday
  • Snacks & drinks at rest stops 

All other meals are not included. Alcohol is not included.

We will transport your bicycle to and from each location it needs to be including the airport and hotels. Often times we may store your bicycle on trailers overnight for easy transportation in the morning. 

SAG Support on all bicycle rides. Including mechanical support. 

Rest stops on each ride greater than 6 miles and snacks and drinks in the van at any time. 

Ride leaders for each bicycle ride.

Bi-lingual tour guides for the duration of the trip

Tours, including entrance fees, of :

  • Punta Sur Ecological park
  • Cenote Secreto Maya
  • Cenote Xcanahaltun
  • Valladolid City Tour
  • Xkopek Beekeeping Park
  • Convento de San Bernardino de Siena
  • Chichén Itzá Archeological Tour
  • Tour of Puerto Morelos

An optional Snorkeling tour is offered on Friday of the barrier reef system for $50 through Eco Colors

Other activities included:

  • Cooking class taught by local Maya people
  • Swimming in cenotes 
  • Use of beaches in Cancun and Puerto Morelos (at our beach front resorts)

Ride Guide Including a detailed itinerary and schedule of all events

We will transport your bicycle to and from each location it needs to be including the airport and hotels. Often times we may store your bicycle on trailers overnight for easy transportation in the morning. 

Click here to rent a bike from our partners in Mexico.

Your Ride Packet includes an event T-Shirt and a few goodies from BRAG

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At the JW Marriott Cancun Resort, the soft sand can be between your toes in a matter of seconds and you'll be gazing into the infinite horizon of the Atlantic. The ocean is constantly in reach. The JW Marriott is an upscale escape that puts a premium on space and subtle luxuries. The majority of rooms have balconies and ocean views. The extensive spa pays homage to Mayan vitality traditions, and the fitness center includes tennis courts and an Olympic-style swimming pool. Along with the beach, there are several other swimming pools, including free-form outdoor pools for families and adults, and a 14-foot-deep dive pool with an artificial reef.

ADDRESS: Km 14.5, Blvd. Kukulcan Lote 40-A, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico

Check-in: Sunday, January 19
Check-out: Tuesday, January 21


El Meson del Marques

Hotel El Meson del Marques is one of the most traditional hotels in Valladolid, magic town. It is located right in the main square, and it is developed in an old casona that traces back to XVII century, where the colonial elegance mixes with modern facilities, and nowadays, the hotel offers more than 50 years of experience.

Considered one of the heartwarming and romantic in Valladolid, for locals and foreigners its location is ideal to walk all of the typical places from around the city, the oldest neighborhoods and La calzada de los frailes; also from Yucatan, just like Chichen itza, Ek Balam, Coloradas and more.

ADDRESS: C. 39 203, Centro, 97780 Valladolid, Yuc., Mexico

Check-in: Sunday, January 21
Check-out: Tuesday, January 23




The Fives Oceanfront – Riviera Cancún

The Fives Oceanfront – Riviera Cancún offers a luxurious and unforgettable vacation experience for travelers seeking relaxation, adventure, and indulgence in a stunning tropical paradise.

Situated in downtown Puerto Morelos, The Fives Oceanfront – Riviera Cancún enjoys a prime location along the pristine beaches of the Caribbean Sea, close to restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. The resort also offers an array of dining options, ranging from gourmet restaurants serving international cuisine to casual beachfront eateries. Guests can indulge in delicious meals prepared by top chefs using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The Fives features an array of world-class amenities, including multiple swimming pools, a full-service spa, fitness center, water sports activities, kids' club, and more. Whether you want to relax and unwind or stay active and adventurous, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

ADDRESS: Av. Javier Rojo Gomez Nte. SM-02 MZ-25 LOTE-01 Centro, 77580 Puerto Morelos, Q.R., Mexico

Check-in: Sunday, January 23
Check-out: Tuesday, January 25




Flights are not included and should be booked individually by each participant.

Please book your flight to fly into Cancun on Sunday and out on the next Saturday. Please note check-in at the JW Marriot is not until 4:00 pm.

If you arrive earlier you can enjoy the resort and the front desk can hold your bag. 

Frontier and Delta fly directly from Atlanta to Cancun and it is a 2.5 hour flight. Once you book your flight please let us know what time you land and your flight number. We will make several pickups from Cancun International Airport and transfer you directly to the hotel. Once we are 30 days out and have everyone's flight info we will send pickup instructions. 

We will provide all of your ground transportation in Mexico including:

  • From the airport to the JW Marriot
  • From the JW Marriot to Isla Mujeres and back
  • From The JW Marriot to Valladolid
  • From Valladolid to Chichén-Itzá
  • From Valladolid to Puerto Morelos
  • From Puerto Morelos to the Airport

Please note if you land on any day other than Sunday or leave on any day other than the next Saturday, we will be unable to provide ground transportation to or from the airport. 

We highly recommend renting a bike. Flying with a bike is a hassle and you want to be hassle free! If you do fly with your bike, you must be able to assemble and disassemble your bike yourself.

Click here to rent a bike from our partners in Mexico.


While cycling we will split up into 2 - 3 groups depending on the group size and rider speeds. There will be a leader of your group and a sweeper for the entire ride as well as SAG. Please stay with your group and do not deviate from the group's route. All the routes are available via GPS on Ride With GPS. Please note due to changing conditions we may have to reroute.

To get turn by turn directions on your phone, download the app via the Google Play store or App Store. Either log in or create an account for the app. Then after you have created a login, click here to add the event to your ride with GPS account (you will have to login).  You'll then need to close the app and reopen it. Navigate to the Events tab in the app and you'll find BRAG Mexico 2024, all the routes will be there. Click navigate and you will receive free turn-by-turn directions and the map of the route. 

Click here to rent a bike from our partners in Mexico.

There will be vans on the route providing SAG services. They will hopscotch the group and set up rest stops as well. If you have a medical or mechanical issue they can pick you up and transport you to your destination. 

This event will take place on public right of ways, paths, and roadways. We ask motor vehicles to share the road, so we must extend the same courtesy. As much as possible we travel on low traffic roads, however we will need to travel on roads with higher traffic volume from time to time. Please review the BRAG Safety Pledge you were required to sign to participate in this BRAG event. Please consult the rider handbook provided by Georgia Bikes for more safety information.

YOU MUST STOP AT ALL STOP SIGNS AND RED LIGHTS!! Obey all traffic control devices and exercise caution crossing railroad tracks and road crossings!

  • You are responsible for your own safety - BRAG assists as much as possible in ensuring a safe ride, however you are in control of your ride and safety.  Hazards are always being created and note we can not warn participants of every potential or existing hazard. Cycling can be a dangerous sport - take safety seriously!
  • The roadways and paths we will travel will more than likely present more hazards than the roadways you are accustomed to in the US. There will be gravel, potholes, marked and unmarked speed bumps, animals, motorists, and a myriad of other hazards that will require your complete attention when riding in order to stay safe.
  • You must obey all traffic laws and traffic control devices.
  • Wear a helmet and ensure your gear is properly functioning.
  • Communicate with other cyclists to keep each other safe - please yell, when appropriate, "car back", "car up", "rider on", "rider off", etc. Communicate about hazards such as RR tracks, pot holes, rumbles, debris in the road, cracks, animals, etc. Do not yell "CLEAR" as what is clear for you may not be for others.
  • Visibility - See and be seen, wear bright clothes, reflective clothing and use lights.
  • Bicycle lanes and shoulders - please use them when possible and safe to do so.
  • Report dangerous motorists and cyclists.
  • In the event of rain, the road and road tires can be slick and brakes can slip. Normal conditions may become more hazardous, especially rail road tracks.
  • In the event of lightning, take appropriate action and exercise caution.

This is a ride, not a race. We encourage you to stop and smell the roses and get a true taste for the vibrant fiber and culture of Mexico!



To see what's included, click here

Yes, please bring them along! Everyone is welcome to participate in the activities outside of riding bikes. We will have a bus to transport anyone who isn't cycling.

Change of Plans? Registrants have until November 1, 2024 to cancel and request a refund. After this date. No refunds will be given, no exceptions. You can purchase insurance on your trip when you register to protect your registration fee in the event of an emergency.

In the event the border closes or the trip is no longer possible, we will offer a refund less Bikereg services fees. 

We don't speak Spanish either! We have local guides and knowledgeable people who are bi-lingual. An English-speaking native is always close by. Also, the google translate app is great for text and translating. You don't need to know any Spanish to join and will be just fine only knowing English. 

  • A good attitude and appetite for adventure!
  • Passport
  • Bike (or rent one)
  • Helmet (or rent one)
  • Water Bottle
  • Active Clothing for Cycling, Hiking, Sightseeing, ect.
    • Temperatures are warm but mild this time of year. Keep an eye on the forecast!
  • Casual Clothing for Dining
  • Backpack to carry the items you want to keep with you
  • A phone with an international option. Check your plan, most domestic plans do not charge extra to use your phone in Mexico. 
  • Swimsuit
  • Travel towel.
  • Pesos or USD, most places accept pesos, USD, or card, however, you get the best deal with pesos.

We stay in hotels, the cost of which is included in the price of registration. See the list of hotels here.

Absolutely not! We would actually suggest a hybrid or bike with wider tires. We do not ride very far so a hybrid bicycle would get the job done just fine. You could also bring a  mountain bike, gravel bike or road bike. Keep in mind there will be some gravel, pot holes, speed bumps etc. 

The best thing about BRAG is the community of riders. Many come alone and leave with riding buddies for life. You will never ride alone on BRAG. The group is small and participates in all activities together so you will get to know everyone by the time you leave.

Absolutely, on BRAG Mexico, the miles are flat, and few. You can also hop in the Van if you need to. 

Drop us a line on our contact form or ask the BRAG community on Facebook, or shoot us a line at news@brag.org

We highly recommend renting a bike. Flying with a bike is a hassle and you want to be hassle free! If you do fly with your bike, you must be able to assemble and disassemble your bike yourself. 

Click here to rent a bike from our partners in Mexico.

We certainly think so! We traveled there with a newborn and toddler and did this exact itinerary. While certain parts of the country are more known for crime, touristy areas are largely less affected, and most serious crimes are criminal on criminal. Use common sense and good habits.