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Explore Europe's Low Countries by Bike & Boat!

Experience the charm of riding a bicycle through Belgium & Holland on our exciting, all-inclusive* 8 day, 7 night tour... all from the comfort and convenience of a floating luxury hotel!

Cycle to, and around, classic Euro destinations such as Amsterdam, Dordrecht, Antwerp, Ghent, & Bruges. Take in the beautiful -and very flat- countryside featuring charming villages, a visit to a real Dutch cheese farm, windmills.

  • Explore Amsterdam
  • Visit Antwerp, a city famous for its vibrant nightlife
  • Discover Ghent
  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage-listed historical center of Bruges
  • Special Cultural & Culinary Experiences Curated by BRAG
  • Camaraderie of BRAG Community participants!

This trip is suitable for all levels of cyclists. Average daily mileage is about 30 flat miles. Non-riders are also welcomed.



*All meals, accommodations, standard bike rental with helmet, ground transportation, tours/entrance fees, BRAG Jersey & BRAG Ride Guide all included. Does not include flights or alcohol. E-bike, tandem bike rentals extra.


August 15-22, 2024
August 29-September 5, 2024

August 15-22, 2024

This week, our boat travels from Amsterdam to Bruges. We will provide group transportation back to Amsterdam at the end of the boat tour. The August 29-September 5 trip travels the opposite direction.



Amsterdam to Vianen

Thursday, August 15, 2024


Arrive in Amsterdam!


Board your home for the week between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. The BRAG Boat eagerly awaits your arrival at the Amsterdam Port.


The ship will depart from Amsterdam for Vianen, a small, fortified village on the Lek River. After dinner you have the opportunity to enjoy a short first test ride through the surrounding area.




Vianen to Dordrecht

Friday, August 16, 2024


Cycle along a beautiful route to Schoonhoven – nicknamed Zilverstad, a city renowned for its talented silver smiths since the 17th century.


From there, a short bike ride will lead you to the renowned village of Kinderdijk. Capture the moment at one of its remarkable UNESCO-listed windmills (don't forget your camera!). These 18th-century marvels were built to drain water from the Alblasserwaard polder.


End the day by boarding the "Waterbus," a swift ferry that whisks you and your bicycle to Dordrecht in just 10 minutes.

After a delightful dinner, take your time to leisurely explore the town before settling in for the night.





Willemstad to Bergen op Zoom

Saturday, August 17, 2024


While you have breakfast aboard the ship, we'll sail to Willemstad where our tour starts for the day. Willemstad is a beautiful old fortified town on the Haringvliet waterway. Your bicycle ride goes to Tholen, once was an island in the middle of the large Zeeland streams, where many people fished for their living.


After lunch, we cycle on to the destination of this trip, Bergen op Zoom in Antwerp. Bergen op Zoom is a historic fortified town that once lay on the open waters of the Oosterschelde.


After dinner, take a walk through old town Antwerp. Narrow streets, old town, market and church squares and monumental buildings show the history of a rich and eventful past that goes back more than eight hundred years.





Bergen op Zoom to Antwerp

Sunday, August 18, 2024


We'll spend the morning biking through the beautiful “Wouwse Plantage” surrounding Bergen op Zoom.


Welcome to Antwerp, our destination for the day! We'll reach the city after sailing the Schelde River. Antwerp is a bustling harbor city renowned for its role in handling up to 80% of the world's rough diamonds. It is also the birthplace of the legendary painter, Sir Peter Paul Rubens. Antwerp boasts a plethora of captivating attractions, including the Renaissance marvel of City Hall, the enchanting City Square known as Grote Market, the magnificent Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe Cathedral, and the captivating medieval fortress of Steen Castle. Get ready to explore these remarkable highlights that make Antwerp truly extraordinary.


We'll enjoy an amazing dinner tonight in town.



Wouwse Plantage



Antwerp to Sint Amands

Monday, August 19, 2024


This morning you will cycle 21 miles out of Antwerp along a picturesque section of the Schelde River to St. Amands. There is only one way to describe the landscape around the Schelde and that is “magnificent”. It is without doubt one of the natural highlights of the tour.


Spend the rest of the day exploring castles, churches, or relaxing on the ship.


In St. Amands your floating hotel eagerly awaits for a tranquil evening docking.





Sint Amands to Ghent

Tuesday, August 20, 2024


Today you will continue to follow the river Schelde to Ghent.


Tour Ghent! Ghent is a lively university city that boasts a rich history. Since Roman times Ghent’s position at the junction of Leie and Schelde Rivers has ensured that it has been a successful trading port. In total the city features an Opera House, 18 museums, more than 100 churches and over 400 historical buildings. Major attractions are St. Bavo Cathedral where a number of masterpieces of medieval art including the world famous ‘Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’ by Jan van Eyck are kept and the 91-metre-tall belfry of Ghent, one of three medieval towers that overlook the old city center.


Before dinner a small canal boat will take you for a guided tour through the historic city.





Sint Amands to Ghent

Wednesday, August 21, 2024


Today you will cycle from Ghent through the beautiful Flemish countryside of western Flanders to Bruges, widely described as the ‘Venice of the North’ and arguably the most beautiful of all the Flemish cities.


Tour Bruges! The city attracts more than two million visitors every year who come to see the picturesque medieval town center of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic city and a long list of historic attractions. An outstanding example of a medieval historic settlement, Bruges has managed to maintain its historic fabric as it has evolved over the centuries, with the result that today the city’s original Gothic buildings form an integral part of the town’s identity.


While you are here you can visit one of Bruges many museums or simply take in the stunning beauty and culture of this unforgettable city from the comfort of a sidewalk café.






Thursday, August 22, 2024


We will say our goodbyes and disembark our ship after breakfast. We have arranged transportation back to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

We encourage you to extend your stay either in Bruges or Amsterdam.




The BRAG Boat is one of the most luxurious cruisers on Dutch and Belgium waters. With 18 cabins and room for 38 people, our ship will exclusively house our group and the ship's crew. 

All cabins feature en-suite facilities (shower & toilet), individually regulated AC, 220/230 volt electric outlets, flat screen satellite TV, a small safe, fresh air ventilation, and hair dryer.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the ship and smoking is prohibited. 

The ship's crew speaks Dutch, English and German

Transportation to and from the Airport is included. Flights are not included.

All meals are included on this trip. Coffee and tea are available (and included) onboard our boat throughout the day. Beer, wine, liquor, and soft-drinks are excluded, but available for purchase.

Meals are substantial and healthy. Breakfast is served as a buffet. During breakfast, you can make you own packed picnic lunch for our bike tour. Each evening, we will be treated to a three-course dinner. 

Activities along the way include:

  • Fully-guided cycling tours
  • Some short walking tours
  • Various wine, cheese, chocolate, beer tastings
  • Red Star Line museum in Antwerp
  • Ferry rides
  • Canal trip through Ghent

Ride Guide Including a detailed itinerary and schedule of all events


Flights are not included and should be booked individually by each participant.

Please book your flight to fly into Amsterdam on Thursday, August 29 and out on the next Thursday. 

If you arrive earlier or leave later, you can enjoy Amsterdam on your own!

Once we are 30 days out and have everyone's flight info we will send pickup instructions. 

We will provide your ground transportation in Europe including:

  • From the Amsterdam airport to the port in Bruges
  • From the port in Amsterdam to AMS airport

Please note if you land on any day other than Thursday, August 29, 2024 or leave on any day other than the next Thursday, September 5, 2024  we will be unable to provide ground transportation to or from the airport. 

We highly recommend utilizing the rental bikes that are included in the trip costs. Flying and ground transport with a bike can be costly and inconvenient. You'll want to be hassle free for maximum fun!

If you do fly with your bike, you must be able to assemble and disassemble your bike yourself.

We have e-Bikes, tandems, and family cycling options available upon request for an extra fee. 

Standard bike rental is included with your trip!


While cycling we will split up into 2 - 3 groups depending on the group size and rider speeds. There will be a leader of your group and a sweeper for the entire ride as well as SAG. Please stay with your group and do not deviate from the group's route. All the routes are available via GPS on Ride With GPS. Please note due to changing conditions we may have to reroute.

To get turn by turn directions on your phone, download the app via the Google Play store or App Store. Either log in or create an account for the app. Then after you have created a login, click here to add the event to your ride with GPS account (you will have to login).  You'll then need to close the app and reopen it. Navigate to the Events tab in the app and you'll find BRAG Amsterdam 2024, all the routes will be there. Click navigate and you will receive free turn-by-turn directions and the map of the route. 

This event will take place on public right of ways, paths, and roadways. We ask motor vehicles to share the road, so we must extend the same courtesy. As much as possible we travel on low traffic roads, however we will need to travel on roads with higher traffic volume from time to time. Please review the BRAG Safety Pledge you were required to sign to participate in this BRAG event.

YOU MUST STOP AT ALL STOP SIGNS AND RED LIGHTS!! Obey all traffic control devices and exercise caution crossing railroad tracks and road crossings!

    • You are responsible for your own safety - BRAG assists as much as possible in ensuring a safe ride, however you are in control of your ride and safety.  Hazards are always being created and note we can not warn participants of every potential or existing hazard. Cycling can be a dangerous sport - take safety seriously!
    • The roadways and paths we will travel will more than likely present more hazards than the roadways you are accustomed to in the US. There will be gravel, potholes, marked and unmarked speed bumps, animals, motorists, and a myriad of other hazards that will require your complete attention when riding in order to stay safe.
    • You must obey all traffic laws and traffic control devices.
    • Wear a helmet and ensure your gear is properly functioning.
    • Communicate with other cyclists to keep each other safe - please yell, when appropriate, "car back", "car up", "rider on", "rider off", etc. Communicate about hazards such as RR tracks, pot holes, rumbles, debris in the road, cracks, animals, etc. Do not yell "CLEAR" as what is clear for you may not be for others.
    • Visibility - See and be seen, wear bright clothes, reflective clothing and use lights.
    • Bicycle lanes and shoulders - please use them when possible and safe to do so.
    • Report dangerous motorists and cyclists.
    • In the event of rain, the road and road tires can be slick and brakes can slip. Normal conditions may become more hazardous, especially rail road tracks.
    • In the event of lightning, take appropriate action and exercise caution.

This is a ride, not a race. We encourage you to stop and smell the roses and get a true taste for the the local culture!

  • Always ride on the right and pass on the left
  • Through traffic always has right-of-way over traffic turning left or right on equal roads
  • Cyclists may only ride alongside each other if they do not impede other traffic
  • Highways are forbidden for cyclists
  • Biking on the sidewalk is FORBIDDEN (please dismount)
  • Front & Rear lights should be turned on at dusk and in the dark
  • Change of direction should be indicated using arm signals
  • Small children should be transported in a special baby saddle, with enough support/space for their hands, feet, back. Please order baby saddle well in advance



To see what's included, click here

Yes, please bring them along! Everyone is welcome to ride the boat, hop off and do things, and participate in the activities outside of riding bikes.

You may opt to chill on the boat while the rest of the group is cycling. Ebikes are also available.

Change of Plans? Registrants have until May 1, 2024 to cancel and request a refund. After this date, no refunds will be given. No exceptions. You can purchase insurance on your trip when you register to protect your registration fee in the event of an emergency.

In the event the border closes or the trip is no longer possible, we will offer a refund less Bikereg services fees. 

We don't speak it either! We have local guides and knowledgeable people who are bi-lingual. An English-speaking native is always close by. Also, the google translate app is great for text and translating. You will be just fine only knowing English. 

  • A good attitude and appetite for adventure!
  • Passport.
  • Water Bottle.
  • Active Clothing for Cycling, Walking, Sightseeing, etc.
    • Temperatures are pretty pleasant this time of year. Keep an eye on the forecast!
  • Casual clothing for dining and hanging out on our boat.
  • Backpack to carry the items you want to keep with you while cycling.
  • A phone with an international option. Check your plan. eSims are available for download in most of Europe
  • Swimsuit if you'd like to enjoy the hot tub on our boat.
  • Euros. You can acquire Euros at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.

On a luxury-class river boat! 

The best thing about BRAG is the community of riders. Many come alone and leave with riding buddies for life. You will never ride alone on BRAG. The group is small and participates in all activities together so you will get to know everyone by the time you leave.

Absolutely, on BRAG Amsterdam, the miles are flat, and few. Ebikes are also available for extra cost.

Drop us a line on our contact form or ask the BRAG community on Facebook, or shoot us a line at

We highly recommend renting a bike. Flying with a bike is a hassle and you want to be hassle free! If you do fly with your bike, you must be able to assemble and disassemble your bike yourself. 

Good news! We have already reserved your rental bike and it is included in the cost of this trip. Let us know if you'll need an eBike, tandem, or other options.